API keys

Use API keys to authenticate your requests

You need an API key to authenticate most requests made to Universign’s REST API. An API key is a unique identifier associated with your account. It is necessary for usage and billing purposes. Only users with administrator rights can create API keys.

Create your API key

From the Developer menu on the web application, navigate to the API keys section and click Create an API key.

1. Name your API key explicitely. It will be easier for you to identify which API can be deleted, for example.
2. Copy your API key and store it in a secure place on your side. For security reasons, Universign does not store API keys in clear text.
3. Create your key.

Authenticate your request

Once you created your API key, you are ready to authenticate your request. Add it to the request header as the value of the username followed by a colon: -u your_API_key: (the password field can be left empty).

Alternatively, you can authenticate via bearer auth: -H "Authorization: Bearer your_API_key"

Authentication errors

If you don’t provide an API key or provide an invalid one when authentication is required, you will receive a 401 - Unauthorized response.

If the API key you provided does not grant you access to the resource, you will receive a 403 - Forbidden response.

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