Monitor your account's activity and retrieve precise data about API usage

Every time something new happens in your account, Universign creates an event. An event corresponds to a modification of a resource you interacted with, or with the usage you made of a service. For example, if you create or delete an API key, an event is triggered such as apikey.created or apikey.deleted. Please note that Universign only logs events linked to API requests that returned a 200 status code.

Access your workspace’s events

If your account has API entitlements and if you are its Owner, or have an Admin or Integrator role, you then have access to a Developer menu from your application interface. To view your workspace’s events, navigate to the Events section of the Developer menu.

Filter your workspace’s events

1. By period
Select the search format for the period, either Before a specific date or Between two specific dates and enter a search value.

2. By type
This refers to the name of the resource or the service you interacted with.

3. By API key Select the API key that was used to authenticate the requests.

An event search returns all the events that match your input filters. If no result match your search, you are indicated so.

Display information about a specific event

Click an event to view its detailed information. Each event includes:

1. An envelope
It contains data about the event itself:

  • the event’s unique identifier (ID)
  • the type of event (what has been done with the resource or service you interacted with)
  • the ID of the user who triggered the event
  • the trace associated to this event
  • the date the event was created

2. A response body
This is the response that was return by the API.

Retrieve consumption report

You may need to retrieve useful information about your consumption within Universign’s transactions service. Do do so, you can get an events report to count the number of signatures, visas, seals and reviews used over a given period.

To retrieve a transaction event report, send a request to GET /v1/events/report:


The API returns an events-report object.

  "object": "events-report",
  "total": 40,
  "visas": 0,
  "seals": 0,
  "reviews": 3,
  "signatures": 37,
  "signatures_by_required_level": {
    "level_1": 25,
    "level_2": 12

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