Set reflection period

In some cases, you may be bound to provide the signer with a reflection period, which is the case with the Scrivener Law, for example.

With Universign, it is possible to set a reflection period for a participant, which will allow you to invite the signer to read the documents and download them but will prevent him/her from effectively signing the documents before the end of the period set on your side.

When the reflection period ends, the signer receives a notification and can sign the documents.

Note that this feature is currently available for level1 signature only.

To do so, send a request to POST /v1/transactions/{transaction_id}/participants with the waiting_period argument, which must be expressed in days.

curl \
-d \
-d waiting_period=7

During the reflection period, you can send automatic or manual reminders to the participant.

The participant will receive a reminder email :

  • Once the reflection period is over
  • If you update the waiting_period parameter and set it to 0.

Note that each time you update the waiting_period value, the countdown is reset.

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