Request supporting documents

You can request documents from a participant within the signature process. Once these documents are captured, they are hashed, timestamped add added to the transaction. You can specify which documents are required among:

  • Identity documents:
    • Identity card
    • Driving licence
    • Passport
    • Residence permit
  • Address proof
  • IBAN
  • Tax statement
  • Other

You can also add a guideline for the participant to give additional information.

If you request the same document_type more than once for the same actor, you must pass a tag of your choice to differenciate each request. Otherwise, your request will overwrite the previous one.

Request identity documents

To request one or more identity documents, send a request to POST/v1/transactions/{transaction_id}/captures/identity_document. You must specify how many items are required among a set of accepted ones. For example, you can specify if the participant should provide an identity card or a passport, or if both are required. In the following request example, the participant must provide an identity card and a passport (the number of accepted_identity_documents equals the number of total_items_required).

curl \
-d \
-d accepted_identity_documents=identity_card \
-d accepted_identity_documents=passport \
-d total_items_required=2 \
-d guideline="the document must be in color."

Request an IBAN

To request an IBAN, send a request to POST/v1/transactions/{tx_id}/captures/iban. In the following example, we request two IBAN, and we must therefore pass a tag to differentiate the requests:

curl \
-d \
-d tag=personal \
curl \
-d \
-d tag=professional \

Request an address proof

To request an address proof, send a request to POST/v1/transactions/{tx_id}/captures/address_proof.

curl \
-d \

Request a tax statement

To request a tax statement, send a request to POST/v1/transactions/{tx_id}/captures/tax_statement and specify the wanted period via the covered_period argument. When requesting a tax_statement, you must specify what covered period is needed, between 1 for the past year and 5 for the pas 5 years (default value is 2).

curl \
-d \
-d covered_period=3

Request other document types

When requesting a type of document other, you must pass a name for that document so the participant knows what is expected.

curl \
-d \
-d tag=vitale \
-d name=vitale

Delete a capture request

To delete a capture request, send a request to POST /v1/transactions/{transaction_id}/captures/ add the delete boolean and set it to true:

curl \
-d \
-d document_type=identity_document \
-d delete=true

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