Download signed documents

Once a transaction is completed, you can download the signed documents. There are two ways to do so:

  • via the /transactions resource (immediately after the transaction is completed or within 60 days after it is completed).
  • via the /archives resource (at any time, once the transaction is archived).

You must download signed documents unitarily.

You can download the signed documents only if the transaction’s state is completed or archived.

Note that once a transaction is completed, it may take a few minutes to be archived. However, unless you want to download the signed documents immediately atfer the transaction is completed, we recommend you to do it via the /archives resource.

Via the /transactions resource

Send your request to GET /v1/transactions/{transaction_id}/archive/documents/{document_id}/download.


Via the /archives resource

Send your request to GET /v1/archives/{transaction_id}/documents/{document_id}/download.


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