Set minimum signature level

We currently support two levels of signature:

  • Simple signature (level_1)
  • Advanced signature with a certificate (level_2)
  • Simple signature without authentication (level_0)

To sign a document with a simple signature, a signature certificate is not required from the participant.

To sign with an advanced signature however, the participant needs a certificate. If the participant does not own any, Universign will create one after a remote verification of the participant’s identity, directly within the transaction workflow.

The Level_0 signature allows the participant to sign his/her documents without authentication by OTP.

Note that the Level_0 signature depends on your workspace entitlements.

When configuring your transaction, you can define the minimum signature level required for a participant. Universign will always try to upgrade the signature level if it is possible. For example, if you request a level_1 signature for a participant who already owns a certificate, we will upgrade his signature for free. To set the minimum signature level for a participant, send a request to POST /v1/transactions/{transaction_id}/participants and pass the min_signature_level argument:

curl \
-d \
-d min_signature_level=level2

Note that the default value is level1.

Do not parameter authentication means if you request a level_0 signature.

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