Add a document

You can add up to 20 documents to your transaction. We accept PDF, Word and images as input format in a maximum size limit of 25MB for each document. The output document (the document that is signed) is always a PDF.

Adding a document to a transaction is a two-step process.

Upload your file to Universign servers

Before you can add the document to your transaction, you must upload your it on our servers. To do so, send a multipart/form-data request to POST /v1/files and pass the document (in PDF, Word or image format) in the file argument:

curl \
-F file=@DocumentTest.pdf

You must send one document per request.

A file ID is returned:

  "object" : "file",
  "id" : "file_d0bDo8LgEkEA",

Note that we keep the file for 24 hours so you can reuse the file ID during this period.

Add the file ID to your transaction request

To add the file ID to your transaction, send a request to POST /v1/transactions/{transaction_id}/documents and pass the file ID as the document argument.

curl \
-d document=file_0Y6rOeYJ6qOBxCZ012yY1LrBeg \
-d name=DocName

Note: You must send one request per document.

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Delete a document
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