Retrieve requests made to the Universign platform with Universign's Traces feature

Universign traces all your requests to the Universign API so you can gather useful information about your integration.
A trace records all information about a request made by your workspace, whether it succeeded or failed, and the response returned by Universign.

Access your workspace’s traces

If your account has API entitlement and if you are its Owner, or have an Admin or Integrator role, you then have access to a Developer menu from your application interface. To view your workspace’s Traces, navigate to the Traces section of the Developer menu.

Filter your workspace’s traces

1. By period
Fill in the period field to retrieve the requests made over the past 20 days maximum.

2. By status
Select the response status code range(s) you need to retrieve.

  • 2xx responses codes indicate a successful request.
  • 4xx response codes indicate an error caused by input parameters.
  • 5xx response codes indicate a failure or an unexpected state on Universign infrastructure.

3. By IP address
To retrieve the requests made from a specific IP address, type it in the IP address field.

4. By method
To retrieve the requests matching specific HTTP method(s), select the method(s) among:

  • POST
  • GET

5. By path
To retrieve the requests made to a specific resource or service, type its name in the path field (for example: “/api-keys”).

A trace search returns all the requests that match your input filters. If no result match your search, you are indicated so.

Display information about a specific trace

Click a trace to view its detailed information. Each trace includes:

1. A summary of the of the request’s trace:

  • the trace’s unique identifier (ID)
  • the date and time the trace was created
  • the method of the request
  • the path
  • the status code of the response
  • the IP address of the original requester
  • the request’s user agent

2. The original request parameters, if any.

3. The original request body, if any.

4. The original response body returned by Universign, if any.

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