Clone a field

You can duplicate a field and add it to the same document or to another document of the transaction. To do so, send a request to POST /v1/transactions/{transaction_id}/documents/{document_id}/fields and pass the field you want to copy in via copy_from argument:

Curl \
-d copy_from=fld_a998 

A new field is created with the same parameters as the copied one. However, it is possible to modify the name, position, consents and type parameters. Simply pass the wanted values as arguments. For example:

-d copy_from=fld_a998 \
-d type=visa
-d name=myOtherField

In the above request, a new field is created based on field fld_a998 but with a different field name and a different consent text.

Important: In case you copy a field to another document of the transaction, ensure the target document has at least the same number of pages than the field’s position. Otherwise, you must pass the field position’s arguments:

Curl{transaction_id}/documents/{document_id}/fields \
-d copy_from=fld_a998 \
-d type=signature \
-d page=1 \
-d x=250 \
-d y=95

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