Move a field

You can move a field to another page or another document. Send a request to POST /v1/transactions/{transaction_id}/documents/{document_id}/fields and pass the target document in the URL and the field ID you want to move in the move_from argument:

curl \
-d move_from=fld_x62B

The moved field keeps its original parameters.

Important: when you move a field to another document, you must ensure the target document has the appropriate page number. For example, if the field’s original position is on page 5, the target document must have at least 5 pages otherwise you will be returned an error. If it is not the case, then pass the field position’s arguments to specify an existing page:

curl \
-d copy_from=fld_x62B \
-d page=2 \
-d x=250 \
-d y=95

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