Archive evidence files

The evidence file is a file that is available once the transaction is completed and archived. Evidence files describe data and actions related to a transaction, such as:

  • sender information,
  • documents information,
  • participants information,
  • transaction details.

There are 2 types of evidence files:

  • requester attestation (aka sender proof): light version of evidence file that can be downloaded by the transaction creator.
  • evidence file: full version of evidence file that you can neither retrieve nor download.

By default, the full version of the evidence file is available through our Universign archiving system. However, you may need to archive it as well in your Arkhineo electronic safe (if you have one). To do so, send a request to POST /v1/transactions/{transaction_id} and pass the evidence_archiving_configuration_id argument.

curl \
-d evidence_archiving_configuration_id=atc_w04kKglD88Z6

The API returns a transaction object as it was last updated.

If you want to disable the archiving of evidence files via Arkhineo, you need to pass the delete_evidence_archiving_configuration_id argument and set it to true. Do not pass both arguments in the same request.

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