Add signed documents message

Once a transaction is completed, each participant is sent an automatic email with the link to download his/her signed documents.

However, you can customize the subject and message of the signed documents email. To do so, send a request to POST /v1/transactions/{transaction_id}/participants as follows:

curl \
-d \
-d signed_documents_subject=Download your signed documents \
-d signed_documents_message=<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<p>Thank you for sending the <i>Document</i></p></br>
<p>Please find below the link to access and download the signed document.</p>

The signed documents subject value is limited to 100 characters and the message to 1000 characters.

The email message should be in text format or in a valid XHTML format. We support the following tags (without attributes):

  • “b”, “strong”: bold style
  • “i”, “em” : italic style
  • “u” : underlined style
  • “ul”, “ol”, “li” : unordered and ordered list
  • “p” : paragraph
  • “br” : line break

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