Set metadata

Metadata are useful for search or organization purposes. You can add metadata to your transaction as key-value pairs (if the value is missing, the key will be ignored). You can add a maximum of 15 metadata per transaction. Each metadata key is limited to 20 characters, while the value is limited to 200 characters. Metadata are for internal purposes and are not displayed to the participant.

Important: the use of the equal sign (=), plus sign (+) and underscore (_) are not supported in the metadata key. Brackets ([]) are allowed only in opening and closing pairs otherwise they are ignored.

Add metadata when creating a transaction

To set metadata when you create a transaction, send a request to POST /v1/transactions and pass the metadata argument, appended with the metadata key between brackets (for example metadata[contract_type]). Here is an example request:

curl \
-d metadata[account]=123456 \
-d metadata[contract type]=life insurance

Update metadata

To update the metadata of an existing transaction, send a request to POST /v1/transactions/{transaction_id} and pass the metadata argument:

curl \
-d metadata[contract type]=NDA
-d metadata[customer id]=5648547

In the above request, the new value of the contract type metadata (NDA) will overwrite the value previously passed (life insurance), and a new metadata will be added to your transaction (customer id: 5648547)

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